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Profesyonel Üye

Subject of Webinar:
Calibrating Process Pressure Devices
In this session we will cover pressure basics, the most common process pressure devices and what can go wrong with these devices.We will show examples of testing and calibrating pressure transmitters, pressure switches and HART smart pressure transmitters.

Date&Time : March 23, 2022 02:00 PM (İstanbul Time Zone)

Speaker: Pradeep Ravindranathan ,Technical Sales Manager - Middle East, Africa, Turkey @Fluke Calibration

More than 13 years experience working for Fluke initially supporting the Fluke industral portfolio of products to now being the product manager for the Electrical & Pressure Calibration products within the Fluke Calibration business. My background and expertise is in Electronics and Instrumentations Engineering with extensive field experience in implementing predictive and proactive maintenance techniques using Fluke tools. When im not working my passion is in Scuba Diving, travelling and exploring & understanding the different cultures around the world.

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